John Zorich
Client List
Houston TX
Silicon Valley CA
John Nicholas Zorich Jr., MS, CQE
John's career began with 20 years medical device industry experience, as a "regular" employee at both small
start-up and large established companies. During those years, John worked in a variety of departments,
including R&D, Manufacturing, Packaging, Process Engineering, Receiving QC, QC Lab, and QA/Regulatory.
In 1999, he began full-time consulting in quality systems, regulatory compliance, and statistical methods. From
2000 to 2013, he worked over 50% time as a subcontracted "Notified Body Auditor", first for TUV and then for
Since 2014, he's worked solely as a statistical consultant & trainer. As a statistical consultant since 1999,
his client list ranges from weeks-old startups to decades-old multinational companies, primarily in the medical
device industry. He also is designer and publisher of several widely-used commercial formally-validated
statistical application spreadsheets.

John Zorich's references

John Zorich's statistics resume

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John has written a few articles and booklets that may be of interest to you.
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ASQ Quality Engineer Certificate (expiration 2020)

All of the following records are "quality system" related (not statistics related)
CMDCAS Training, 2000
CMDCAS Certification, 2000
CMDCAS Re-certification, 2004
CMDCAS Ongoing Certification thru KEMA(DEKRA)
KEMA(DEKRA)  Auditor Training 2003
KEMA(DEKRA)  Auditor Training 2004
KEMA(DEKRA)  Auditor Training 2005
KEMA(DEKRA)  CE+ISO_13485 Audit Training 2005
KEMA(DEKRA)  MDD Training 2008
KEMA(DEKRA)  ISO 9001:2008 Training 2009
KEMA(DEKRA)  ISO 13485:2003 Training 2010
KEMA(DEKRA)  Auditor Certificate (ISO 13485 and ISO 9001), 2010
KEMA(DEKRA)  ISO 13485:2003 Training 2011
KEMA(DEKRA)  training (on ISO 13485, ISO 17021, and GD211) 2012
KEMA(DEKRA) training (13485 and 17021) 2013
Lead Auditor Training (Stat-A-Matrix) 1993
TUV MDD Training, 2000
TUV Miscellaneous Training, 2000
TUV IVDD Training, 2001
TUV MDD Certificate, 2002

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