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Partial list of our seminar/workshop clients:
Boston Scientific / EPI (Santa Clara, CA)
Siemens Medical Solutions (Concord, CA)
Proteus Biomedical (Redwood City, CA)
KEMA/DEKRA (Chalfont, PA)
TUV Product Services (San Diego, CA)
ASQ (Am. Society for Quality, Silicon Valley)
Silicon Valley Polyechnic Institute
Ohlone Community College (Newark, CA)
UC Santa Cruz Extension
DUKE Empirical (Santa Cruz, CA)
Thoratec Corporation (Pleasanton, CA)
For private courses taught at your company, or via "webinar", a low hourly
fee is charged, no matter how many employees attend. Training on
statistical software purchased from us (see statistics page on this website)
is always provide free via a live, interactive "webinar".

Some of the Available Seminar Topics are:

-- Normality Tests and Normality Transformations
-- Choosing Sample Size for Test & Inspection in QC/QA & Engineering
-- How to Determine and Express Valid Statistical Rationales for Sample Sizes used in QC/QA & Engineering
-- Understanding & Choosing Attribute Sampling Plans
-- Better Alternatives to AQL Sampling Plans for Managing Risk in Receiving QC
-- Understanding & Implementing Statistical Process Control
-- Understanding & Using Statistical Power and Significance
-- Process Capability using Confidence / Reliability Calculations (Attribute and Variables data)
-- Metrology --- Statistical Analysis of Measurement Uncertainty
-- Understanding Linear Regression & the Correlation Coefficient
-- Process Capability Calculations on Extremely Non-Normal Data (by means of Reliability Plotting)

Presentations vary in length from 30 minutes to 24 hours, depending on the topic and the depth to which the client wants
it covered.

All handouts will be provided as PDF files -- the client is asked to make the appropriate number of hard-copies as needed
for the number of attendees.

In addition to travel expenses (e.g., car, hotel, plane), a negotiable hourly fee is charged for services, solely for actual
time spent by the presenter. That includes customization (if any) of our standard seminars plus up to 2 hours preparation
(depending on the curriculum), travel time to and from the client (car travel time is billed at 50% of the agree-upon "hourly
fee" rate mentioned above; plane flight time is charged as an agreed-upon flat fee per round-trip), and time spent at the
client site for setup, training, take-down and post-seminar discussions.

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